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September 11, 2006

Fortemedia’s Small Array Microphone (SAM) Technology is Adopted in Mobile Phone for the First Time in the World

Cupertino, Calif, September 11, 2006 – Fortemedia today announced that its remarkable technology called SAM (Small Array Microphone) has been adopted for DoCoMo’s FOMA? Raku-Raku PHONE III (FOMA F882iES) handset that is manufactured by Fujitsu Limited.

The unique FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III will interest anyone who has ever had to make a phone call in a noisy environment, such as a train station, airport, restaurant or even on the side of the street. Together with Fujitsu and Fortemedia, DoCoMo’s FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III aims to solve these annoying problems by applying the patented Small Array Microphone (SAM) technology to create Beamforming, which suppresses undesired noise such as traffic noise, public broadcasts and conversational din by 20 dB. Furthermore, to enhance the intelligibility and the clarity of mobile phone conversations, FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III first uses SAM to measure noise level of the user’s environment, and then uses HAKKIRI VOICE (Clear Voice) Technology to improve voice quality for clear voice communication.

“NTT DoCoMo Inc. (DoCoMo) is very pleased to offer such a breakthrough to serve our customers by adopting Fujitsu’s HAKKIRI VOICE and Fortemedia’s SAM Technology”, said DoCoMo. “We will continue to offer better voice communication quality in future product releases.”

To call this mobile phone innovation revolutionary may seem like an exaggeration. However against the backdrop of the 900 million plus mobile phones sold annually in the worldwide handset market, the FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III will be the first one to offer Beamforming voice input powered by SAM Technology.

“Fujitsu has been developing technologies to enhance mobile phone voice quality in noisy environments” said Mr. Tatsuo Tomita, corporate vice president, Fujitsu Limited. “We are pleased to work with Fortemedia to enhance the voice communication quality of DoCoMo’s FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III to an unprecedented level.”

Dr. Paul Huang, Chairman and CEO of Fortemedia, said, “DoCoMo has been leading the mobile communications market by offering innovative products and services for its customers; we are excited by the fruits of working with the Fujitsu engineering team to create this visionary product. This is one of the most significant breakthroughs in microphone architecture and telephony performance history in the last 130 years.”

DoCoMo will start to sell FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III for its Japanese 3G FOMA service subscribers in early September 2006.

About FOMA

FOMA, officially short for Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access, is the brand name for the 3G services being offered by Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo. FOMA was the world's first W-CDMA 3G service when launched in 2001. FOMA is compatible with standard UMTS, both via the radio link as well as via USIM card exchange, and hence provides several alternative options for global roaming: either with or without change of handset. Around March 2004, with broad coverage including subway stations and the inside of most major buildings, and with the introduction of feature rich handsets, FOMA services were widely adopted in Japan. As of July 2006, FOMA has 27 million subscribers and is the fastest growing cellular phone network in Japan.

About Raku-Raku PHONE

Raku-Raku PHONE is one of the most popular NTT DoCoMo’s products for targeting elderly and children who have difficulty to use the various functions in mobile phone. FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III is the newly-developed Raku-Raku PHONE product series, which has been sold more than 770 millions units since this series has launched in 1999. FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III comes equipped with double microphones, which enhance the overall clarity of a conversation in a noisy environment, such as subway stations, streets with heavy traffic condition. Also, this product integrates One-Touch Alarm, which is the function that the handset calls to designated telephone number automatically when user touches One-Touch Alarm button. Furthermore, this model is compatible with i-channel? for news delivered automatically to the phone’s standby screen in a large font. DoCoMo will start to sell FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III in early September in 2006 at open price.

About Fortemedia

Fortemedia is a high technology start-up company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Since 2000, the company has been developing advanced voice processing technologies to enable hands-free communications and voice commanding. Fortemedia’s patented Small Array Microphone (SAM) technology and state of the art voice processor IC deliver high performance echo-cancellation and noise suppression solutions. Features such as beam-forming can pinpoint the location of the person speaking, picking up only voice from speaker while blocking out ambient unwanted noises. Fortemedia’s low power processors can easily cancel 65dB of acoustic or nonlinear echo and 25dB of non-stationary noise. As of Q2 of 2006, Fortemedia has introduced 6 voice processor IC products to the market and shipped more than 7 millions units to more than 30 customers. Its products have been broadly used in automotive, personal computer, GPS PDA or personal navigation devices, handset, VoIP phone and video conferencing etc. applications. Fortemedia’s customer list includes industry leaders across various markets. The list includes companies such as BenQ, Acer, ASUS, MiTAC, Motorola, Jaguar, Siemens, Sony, Sharp, NEC, Fujitsu, Kia Motors, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Hyundai Motor, and Nissan etc. Fortemedia has 125 employees worldwide, with branch offices in Taiwan, China, and Germany. For more information please visit,

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