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NTT DoCoMo Capital Invests in Fortemedia

Cupertino, Calif. , July 07, 2008 Fortemedia, a company that is highly acclaimed as a leader in field of voice-processing technology for mobile phones, PC, Bluetooth headset, portable navigation devices and automotive devices, announced that DoCoMo Capital, Inc., an investment institute of NTT DoCoMo for venture businesses, decided to invest in the company.

One of Fortemedia’s patent rights is Small Array Microphone(SAM), which forms a cone-shaped beam to suppress noise and echo. This innovative technology improves clarity of sound dramatically even in a noisy surrounding. For various applications that communicate sound on real-time like a mobile phone and a speaker phone, SAM effectively suppresses noise and cancels out echo. Also, by maintaining high-accuracy voice recognition in a noisy environment, the technology enhances communication between a user and a device. The company succeeded in installing two Array Microphones in small mobile communication devices thanks to its compact size and low power consumption.

In September 2006, NTT DoCoMo commercialized the first mobile phone, Rakuraku Phone(F882iES. manufactured by Fuji Communication Company) that adopted SAM. The new model has maintained the best-seller’s position for more than 13 months. One year later, NTT DoCoMo introduced an upgraded model of Rakuraku Phone(F883iES) with the next-generation SAM, which immediately got on the top sales list as well. The Rakuraku Phone Premium(F884i) was introduced in April 2008, equipped with SAM.

Paul Huang, the CEO and Chairman of Fortemedia, said that ‘we are very pleased that the SAM-equipped mobile phones are faring successfully in a highly competitive Japanese mobile communication market,’ and added that ‘we will make continued effort to improve the voice quality and customer satisfaction. With support and cooperation from NTT DoCoMo and DoCoMo Capital, Fortemedia will be able to provide the best customer service and voice quality in the field of voice applications.’

DoCoMo Capital was established to make investment in venture businesses that have innovative and cutting-edge technologies for mobile communication service; the company introduces the technologies to R&D division of NTT DoCoMo to reduce time in developing services and products, and to expand opportunities to create new service and technologies.

Mr. Akimoto, the President of DoCoMo Capital, remarked that ‘Fortemedia’s SAM technology is well known as the next-generation voice interface for mobile communication and a variety of new applications. Our investment will facilitate the new voice interface technologies to be applied to more products,’ and emphasized that ‘we are confident that the cooperation between NTT DoCoMo R&D division and promising venture businesses will revitalize the business and enhance quality of service. NTT DoCoMo is a world-class mobile network operator, and as its investment institute, we will contribute to revitalize the global communication market through investment in venture businesses, support for business development, joint research with NTT DoCoMo, joint product development and cooperation in patent licenses.’

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