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March 4, 2010

Fortemedia Releases New Array Microphone Software and MEMS Microphone IC for Tablets, Netbooks and Ultra-thin Laptops
Setting a new benchmark for Windows 7 and Android user Skype VoIP and video call experience.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 4th, 2010 -- Fortemedia, a leading provider for array microphone solutions, today released its unique SAMSoft? (Small Array Microphone Software) G3 software and MEMS microphone IC FL201 especially for PC applications.

Netbook is the fastest growing product segment in PC history since its introduction in 2008. In 2009, Intel’s introduction of CULV platform for over 8 hour usage mainstream thin-and-light laptop and Microsoft’s release Windows 7 bring new excitement to PC. In January 2010, Apple finally announces the highly anticipated iPad Tablet. These new product categories create challenge in form factor, style, usage models and battery life require more advanced noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation solution and thinner and smaller digital microphones.

SAMSoft G2 has been shipped in more than 70% of 2008 netbooks. SAMSoft G3 has been deployed in over half of the 2009 CULV notebooks.

In order to meet the unique challenge of CPU performance and power consumption requirement and noisy environment for highly mobile usage model, SAMSoft G3 focus on

? Reduces the CPU MIPS consumption by more than 30% from SAMSoft G2. The net effect is much smoother concurrency operation during VoIP or video call and prolong battery life.
? Significantly improves double-talk and array microphone beam forming effect beyond competitor's offering.
? Highly mobile Wi-Fi or 3G netbook or CULV or tablet users can conduct full duplex hands-free VoIP and high fidelity real-time video communication in very noisy environment.
? Support all HD Audio codec chips
? Fully compliant with Windows 7, Vista, XP and Linux

Fortemedia's new FL201 IC can be used for thin, small and durable MEMS microphone solutions

? Measured 4.72x3.76x1.25 mm. The smaller footprint is ideal for ultra-thin LED backlight LCD bezel design. Excellent RF immunity addresses concern about 802.11n, Bluetooth, 3G, WiMax multiple antennas installation in the system.
? It is easy for automatic pick and place equipment and surface mount reflow soldering techniques commonly used on laptop webcam production line.
? Its low power consumption and excellent signal quality are ideal for array microphone application in netbooks, CULV and tablet.
? Its enhanced uniform performance combined with SAMSoft G3 can achieve new benchmark unprecedented in PC array microphone solutions.

“With over hundreds projects design-ins and tens of millions laptop shipment, Fortemedia is bringing the next wave of the best voice quality and user experiences for the PC industry. We are ready to support mass deployments with our SAMSoft G3 and MEMS microphone solutions.” said Dr. Paul Huang, Chairman and CEO of Fortemedia. “We are certain this visionary cost effective product will significantly enhance laptop end users’ VoIP and video call experience.”

The SAMSoft G3 and Fortemedia FL201 IC samples are immediately available to PC OEMs/ODMs, webcam manufacturers and microphone partners in mass production quantities now.

About Fortemedia

Fortemedia is a privately held high tech company headquartered in Cupertino, California with 8 offices worldwide. Since the year 2000, Fortemedia has focused on developing mixed signal SoCs and embedded software with its patented SAM (Small Array Microphone) technology for automotive, mobile, PC, headset and VoIP applications. With its superior performance in non-linear echo cancellation, beam-forming noise suppression and wind noise suppression, Fortemedia’s solutions enable further integration of small array microphone modules. By becoming an integral part as natural as a keyboard, it makes speech driven killer applications such as destination entry for navigation, music search and retrieval or man-machine interface for gaming on mobile devices ubiquitous. As of October of 2008, Fortemedia has introduced 8 IC products to the market and shipped more than 55 millions units of products. Fortemedia’s customer list includes industry leaders across various markets. The list includes companies such as Acer, ASUS, BenQ, MiTAC/Mio, HP, Motorola, Jaguar, Siemens, Sony, Sharp, NEC, Kia Motors, ZTE, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hyundai Motor, Nissan, Logitech, Yulong, Amoi, Charng Hong and Creative, etc.
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