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April 15, 2016

Fortemedia’s Updated FM1388 Series Provides Superior Voice Processing Solutions for Apple CarPlay and ITU P.1100/P.1110 Compliance

Santa Clara, CA (April 15, 2016) - Today Fortemedia announced it has launched new versions of its previously unveiled FM1388 that is tailored for Apple CarPlay and ITU P.1100/P.1110 compliance. The FM1388-1 and FM1388-2 Voice Processing ICs enable OEMs and ODMs to develop automotive infotainment systems that provide the highest quality hands-free voice communication, voice control and speech recognition services. The FM1388-1 works with single-microphone systems while the FM1388-2 supports multiple-microphone systems, providing advanced features uniquely enabled by Fortemedia’s smart microphone array system.

Fortemedia’s latest generation of FM1388-1 and FM1388-2 Voice Processing ICs use leading edge Advanced Microphone Array Processing (AMAP), Advanced Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and newly developed Smart Spectral Analysis (SSA) technologies to ensure the highest quality voice operations for both wideband and narrowband hands-free calling with Apple CarPlay and other automotive infotainment voice calling applications. For multiple-microphone systems Fortemedia supports flexible microphone placements both in the car console and in traditional car cabin overhead locations. The FM1388-2 supports a unique L-shaped microphone array that Fortemedia has validated microphone placement around the bezel of console mounted displays, thus eliminating the need for expensive routing of microphone cables.

In addition to providing a superior voice experience during hands-free phone calls, the FM1388-1 and FM1388-2 offer a voice recognition enhancement mode, that assists Automatic Speech Recognition systems to provide better error-free performance when operating in the challenging car cabin environment. This voice recognition enhancement mode contributes significantly to the user experience for both drivers and passengers, allowing safe interaction with the latest automotive infotainment systems. By substantially improving speech recognition accuracy under all conditions, the FM1388-1 and FM1388-2 encourage increased use of hands-free control mode and help to eliminate the need for hands-on interaction with the system.

The FM1388-1 and FM1388-2 shipping in prototype quantities are currently being incorporated in a number of OEM and ODM automotive infotainment products.

“With our newest generation voice processing ICs, Fortemedia is easing the burden for OEMs and ODMs in developing Apple CarPlay compatible systems,” said Paul Huang, Fortemedia CEO and Chairman. “The FM1388 series easily integrates with multiple infotainment platforms and provides a streamlined capability for OEMs and ODMs, bringing new innovative products to the marketplace.”

Fortemedia will be demonstrating the FM1388-1 and FM1388-2 at the upcoming Car HMI USA 2016 – UX Redefined conference at the Henry Hotel, Detroit, Michigan from April 25 to April 26, 2016.

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